Portfolios suddenly missing from the software, nowhere to be found

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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Multiple portfolios have suddenly gone missing. When I go to portfolio view, only 3 random portfolios show up under “Recent Portfolios,” none of the others are anywhere to be seen.

Steps to reproduce: I have closed and reopened the software, and attempted on both the browser and desktop versions

Browser version: The same issue appears on both the browser and desktop versions

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Business

Upload screenshots below:

Hi there, I have only two sections, Recent and Favourite - did you favourite the others? Or have you been in them recently?

I believe I did have them favorited? And I would have been in them earlier this week. Initially my concern was one had somehow mistakenly deleted, but when I realized multiple had disappeared my concern is something bigger is happening.

Can you still search for them by title and see them there? That will confirm if deleted or not

They do not show up when searched for. I did not receive an email about them being deleted, which may be a feature that only happens for projects?

If they have been deleted, I can rebuild. I just know for a fact I did not delete them, and I served as the owner/they were locked down. So my concern moves to trying to find what happened/preventing this from ever happening again.

Welcome, @Sean_Harrington,

I think you should contact support@asana.com to see if they can get to the bottom of it.

Just in case, first do:

Also, there’s no chance you work in multiple orgs/workspaces and you’re not in the right one, correct?



@lpb , I think @Danielle-GenD means they can be searched for once you start typing the name in the search box but WITHOUT hitting Enter for the search results page.

Once you type, the dropdown of options can list Tasks, Projects, People, Templates, Portfolios, Messages, Goals, Project Briefs and Teams:


Whoops…my bad! Thanks for catching. I actually just edited my post to remove that since it was a mistake on my part.

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No worries, I’ve actually been meaning to write a post about this… so thanks for the reminder! :wink:

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I appreciate those who have jumped in. I went ahead and just bit the bullet on remaking the portfolios. While I’m a bit nervous about it happening again, my current working theory is there may have been some sort of bug-domino effect as we were doing some cleanup of old templates and projects.


I also encountered the same problem and sent a mail to Asana support.

Did it happen again to you, or did you have clarifications on why / how it happened in the first place?


I have also encountered the same problem. Is there a solution or explanation?

I experienced it this week. How do I get my portfolios back?