Allow to see and keep track of comments edits

I’ve just checked that comments are become editable: good!
When someone edit a comment at the right of the comment date appears (edited).
I think it needs to add a classic “show difference”: someone may change important details and all the thread may lose its sense.


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Awesome!!! I didn’t know this feature rolled out!

Now that this is a feature, will it soon be rolled out to mobile?

I found it by chance.

ASANA has still published the “news header” to promote “comment edit” and “image paste” :wink:
But noone replied to us.

I know, @Riccardo_Mares!!! :wink: Where is the love @Alexis & @Maimoona_Block??? - all good fun! I love surprises! There is also something to be said for users active enough to notice something before the release is published to the blog, no? Give us a :+1: and we’ll call it even! #stayawesome

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Yes! Comment editing is available! New features in Asana tasks: edit comments, paste images, & more

What do you think about the “comment modification logs”, as I wrote in my original post?

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I agree with the need for a “show difference”. I would also expand this to send an “Inbox” notification to the collaborators when comments are edited.

I might have already read, archived and taken action regarding a comment. If someone edits their previous comment, Asana currently does not notify the collaborators a comment has been edited. The edit to the comment could completely change the actions required.


Some news about “show difference”?


+1 We really need to be able to track comment edits. Most of the time this option will be used for typos and adding important info. What I would like to avoid is the option to modify information to “correct” mistakes when the user might be concealing an horrible mistake. As of now I mark my edits like this:


“This is a sample commment.”

After edited:

“This is a sample [comment].”
Edit: Typo


While You editining a comment and switch to another task your text is gone when You get back! It’s a nightmare! Why it is not stored somewhere just like a common comment, so You can get back to it later?

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@Alexis we need a log of comment modifications!!! :wink:


This post has been opened at 22th of March.
Today nothing changes.
Everyone may edit its comments and noone may check what the user edited.

ASANA please, tries to imagine the consequences if a customer edits its comment where it wrote about: budget, ux choices, technical specifications…

Please fix it.


To add to this I performed the following today:

Comment on Task -stating that all is good and that we are just waiting for some feedback. Project owner “likes” the task and I see this wonderful ‘like’ in my inbox. No I head to the tasks and change the description to read : “We are horribly over budget and I doubt very much that we will make target”.
Head back to my inbox - now project owner “likes” the fact that we are over budget and I can say in the next meeting - But I told you and you acknowledged it :slight_smile:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add some sort of “edit history” ASAP.


@Alexis have you got some (good) news about this topic?

The possibility to correct comments it’s a great feature but without the possibility of showing different version make the system less reliable.

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Thanks for creating this new thread @Alejandro_Theodosopo! Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future :crossed_fingers:t3: I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update :slight_smile:


Hello asana community,

Is there a way I can look for deleted comments in a task?

Thank you


Hi @carolina :wave:t3:

Unfortunately, as it stands it is not possible to recover deleted comments via your account or our API, so I’m moving your post to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other users to vote for this feature request!