Edit option for conversations and comments



I have begun exploring Asana for task management on our small team (4 - 7 people). So far the tasks and conversations have been simple and effective, a testament to Asana’s design and intended use.

The issue I have run into is simple (at least in scope). There is NO option to edit comments or conversations after they have been posted. The need for an edit option is simple, you make a spelling or grammatical error and want to quickly fix the comment. I have come across a comment by Justin Rosenstein on Quora offering the sub-optimal solution of deleting and reposting a comment; somehow in relation to maintaining the integrity of hearting posts (which didn’t really make sense to me how an edit function would impact this).

I’ll put this simply, I use conversations and comments to exchange information, which is predicated on my ability to clearly communicate. This often requires fixing or clarifying comments which I (and likely many others) would prefer to be able to do in the fewest steps possible (click edit, edit comment, done).

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I agree 100%. It would be great if you could just edit a comment instead of having to delete and repost the comment. Please make this update!!! I’ll buy you a pizza…


I also agree - not being able to edit conversations is a real problem. We have a need to keep running conversations going - and being able to edit/append to a conversation by multiple people would be very useful.


I fully agree too. I understand they are trying to follow the Google Groups forum method of not allowing editing of posts (one of the HUGE reasons it didn’t get popular) - so as to treat it as a running conversation - but in this case it’s not really that useful.


I would also like to see an edit feature implemented. This is one of the few features, outside of a stand alone application for Mac, that I would love to see.

Modify comments

Yes, I think they could even do something like FB does that shows the edit history of a post that way you can’t just change it to something totally different


Yes PLEASE! We also have such a need for this in our company. it will speed up my workflow if I don’t have to delete and retype / cut and paste comments in which I made typos etc.


Yes, please! Editing comments would be wonderful! Unfortunately, I can also see that it would be necessary to archive past versions of the comments if you wanted to dig (like on FB), in case of dishonest managers or employees. Not a fun side of task management, but I can definitely see this feature being abused without past versions being accessible.


Ditto… MUST allow EDIT of a comment!!!


Please add option for editing comments.


Yeah! We are using Asana conversations instead of Evernote to collect and discuss ideas. But without edit button, it’s hard to do so :frowning:
Please, add the ability to edit conversations and comments.


Fully agree! “Edit” option is a must!


True! I turn out from Basecamp where this function is implemented for a long time. And I don’t understand why Asana don’t support comments.


I submitted an additional request for editing of comments which has fallen on deaf ears. This is such an easy feature to implement, so why do they refuse to implement it or comment on it? My advice: listen to your users. Flow by Google will take your people always unless you do the simple, easy things the right way.


Another +1
I use Trello for meeting minutes, just because I can edit conversations. I write actions, then following the meeting, I go back and add a tick :white_check_mark:
Or add progress notes.
I can’t do this in Asana. Frustrating.


Yes please implement this! We use team conversations as a way to notify of new processes we want to follow in our discipline, so in essence these are important stand-alone announcements. Once they are posted we don’t want to delete and repost just because of a grammatical error. Editing these after posting would be very helpful.


Yes please implement this! This feature is must.


Agreed! This feature is a must. In some of our projects we use tasks as a way to track requirements. The task describes the requirement and we track the status in the comments. Ideally I would like to just update the one comment, but now I have to either post many comments (leading to a terrible mess) or delete and repost the updated comment.


Same for me, not being able to edit comments and discussions greatly limits the use of the platform. I have just made a conceptual mistake in the title of a discussion and there is no way to change it. There are already replies so not easy to delete and repost as well. If you are concerned about fairness in certain environments make it an optional setting. Please let your great design unleash its power. Asana can be used much beyond the conceptual framework of tasks and project. Task I am sure are used are info collectors by many! Thanks Massimo


I’m about to look for an alternative to Asana because of the lack of an edit feature in comments. I use comments to make notes to myself, since you don’t have a “notes” feature (which would be utterly awesome, if it had an editing feature). I NEED editing. Heck, I’d pay for Asana if it had this feature. Kinda frustrated right now. Even replies here can’t be edited. Like people never make mistakes they find later.