Admin Delete and Edit of ALL comments



So I (one of the Company Owners, and ADMIN’s of Asana), just figured out I can NOT delete someone else’s comment. This seems ridiculous. We are a company that deals with over 300 contractors and 6000 clients. We are just now getting new clients on board with using Asana, and they are putting comments in the wrong places etc…

We MUST have the ability to simply delete comments. Other helpful and common sense features would me “move comments” to anywhere in Asana, and as many others have mentioned, Edit Comments, after they have been posted.

Perhaps these items were simply not thought of during the inception of Asana, but surly now, in 2018, the term ADMIN or Administrator, is universal for “CAN PERFORM ANY ACTION”. Please add the ability for Admin’s to delete and edit comments (as well as anyone to edit a comment of their own). If we do not have these features soon, we will have to use a competing product. There is no way we will ever “not” need this feature as we will be having new customers use this and screw it up for the life of our company.

Thank you for your time in reading all the communities comments Asana. (and acting on many of them)