Admin Delete and Edit of ALL comments

If it is not possible to permanently delete comments as Admin, can there at least be a feature for comments to be hidden from the main view? Then a link can be added to view all comments including hidden ones

I also agree. The ability to hide or delete comments is necessary. I had a client comment on a task not belonging to the partner as the commentor was added in error to a task (similar email address and name). No way for me as an administrator to delete/hide proprietary information shared in the comment other than deleting the entire task.

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For better context, posting related comments.

@Gina_Begin said:

Can we PLEASE have a way for Admins to delete comments made by others as well? There is a lot of conversation out there and some of it not helpful/no longer relevant/not in line with communication standards, or any other host of reasons. Please allow Admins to delete others posts.

@Marcus6 said:

I have a lot of screenshots added sequentially to a conversion which clutters its readability. Since the attachments already can be seen at the top of the task, those comments with images only become irrelevant. The problem is that I simply cannot delete those comments and need to scroll forever to get to the relevant bits which is real conversation.

And here’s a screenshot of my not-so-easy to follow task conversation, I think it’s explains itself (I also I had to manually tweak the CSS for the screenshot to scale down the images so you could see how difficult it becomes to follow)


Thank you for creating this thread and share your feedback with us @Marcus6!

Please don’t forget to cast your vote by clicking on the vote button next to the title.
And while I don’t believe this is in our near term plans, I’ll make sure to let you know of any further update about this topic.


Yes please! I have come into a business where all the Asana tasks are cluttered with random comments from staff who have now left, some of them are also rather sarcastic. I will need to recreate the tasks as I can’t simply delete the old comments (I am an admin on Asana). Please give Admins the freedom to delete irrelevant comments!


Please allow this ASAP!


We use Asana for our client projects and every once in a while the @-mention process grabs a different name than what we had intended, which pulls in someone from another project by mistake. While you can certainly delete that comment and the related mention, the person on the other end (the one that was “tagged” in error) gets a notification and can come in and make a comment. I’d like to be able to remove that comment (or other comments like this made in error) as a Super Admin, but that’s not possible and the only comments that can be removed are your own. I’d like to see if this can get traction with a future update to help eliminate mistakes like this from happening in the future. Fingers crossed.

Hi @Eric_Cook, thanks for providing this feedback!

While this feature isn’t available right now, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

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This feature is needed very badly by so many companies! There are SO many forum posts about this all over. Please add the feature ASAP. @Rebecca_McGrath

Really need the ability to delete comments because sometimes our dev team posts comments that are either on the wrong project or confuse the customer, or should never have been posted at all, have the wrong tone, etc. Please add this feature for Super Admins!!


Definitely a major flaw in Asana when used as a creative hub between external and internal users. Our creatives forget this is a “project” tool not a social media channel and unnecessary comments and opinions not related to the actual work involved have to be able to be removed by Super Admins to keep the platform clean and professional. For auditing purposes a flag “Comment removed by Admin [date/time]” could be displayed.


5 years have passed and we still don’t have this feature…
Is it at least in the roadmap?
Can anyone from Asana share some info on this?


Please implement this feature. It doesn’t make sense that the admin can’t delete the comments of another member.


I would like to add my voice to the chorus, please let us delete comments.

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Our company is just onboarding. This is mission-critical, admins not being able to delete comments can get to the point of being a legal or safety issue. Please implement ASAP.

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This must be fixed!