Can't delete a project because it is (Comment only)



Hello everyone,

I have just started using Asana and its going great!

I have been testing the comment only projects and it works great when I have freelancers with me that I wouldn’t want to risk adding them as “team” members and mess things up.

But what happened is I was experimenting with Team Members and making scenarios if a staff wanted to mess up my project… so here is what happend:

I made two accounts (admin and the team member)
I invited the team member to the team
He was added in the comment only project where it new members added to this project will only be able to comment.
I made a scenario where this team member would mess things up… so I kicked out the admin from the project and left the project myself…
Now the organization is stuck with a project that I can’t delete because there were no members in it and because it is comments only… is there a way I can delete it?

Note: I already replied this question in an announcement but I think I should of made a topic.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Khalid_Almoulani; Michael from Asana here!

Sounds like you need some direct assistance from members of our User Operations Team.

Write in to our Team by navigating through our support form, according to the kind of trouble you’re experiencing here: Be sure to use the email that was used to create this comment only Template.

Our Team will be able to re-add you as a member of this comment only Project once they verify that you are in fact the Project creator.

We’re standing by