allow project owners (admins) to delete comments

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@Gina_Begin said:

Can we PLEASE have a way for Admins to delete comments made by others as well? There is a lot of conversation out there and some of it not helpful/no longer relevant/not in line with communication standards, or any other host of reasons. Please allow Admins to delete others posts.

@Marcus6 said:

I have a lot of screenshots added sequentially to a conversion which clutters its readability. Since the attachments already can be seen at the top of the task, those comments with images only become irrelevant. The problem is that I simply cannot delete those comments and need to scroll forever to get to the relevant bits which is real conversation.

And here’s a screenshot of my not-so-easy to follow task conversation, I think it’s explains itself (I also I had to manually tweak the CSS for the screenshot to scale down the images so you could see how difficult it becomes to follow)


Thank you for creating this thread and share your feedback with us @Marcus6!

Please don’t forget to cast your vote by clicking on the vote button next to the title.
And while I don’t believe this is in our near term plans, I’ll make sure to let you know of any further update about this topic.

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