allow project owners (admins) to delete comments

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@Gina_Begin said:

Can we PLEASE have a way for Admins to delete comments made by others as well? There is a lot of conversation out there and some of it not helpful/no longer relevant/not in line with communication standards, or any other host of reasons. Please allow Admins to delete others posts.

@Marcus6 said:

I have a lot of screenshots added sequentially to a conversion which clutters its readability. Since the attachments already can be seen at the top of the task, those comments with images only become irrelevant. The problem is that I simply cannot delete those comments and need to scroll forever to get to the relevant bits which is real conversation.

And here’s a screenshot of my not-so-easy to follow task conversation, I think it’s explains itself (I also I had to manually tweak the CSS for the screenshot to scale down the images so you could see how difficult it becomes to follow)


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