Comments Log or how to track changes on comments

Hi, I’m under the suspicion that a member of my team changed comment made on Friday with wrong information to avoid responsibility on an issue. Is there a way I can see a log or the messages as they where on Friday before he edit it today? thanks


@Felipe_Marquez Each task does keep an Audit Log if you move it between projects and update the description and you can see what it was before. I believe the same is the case for Comments… @Edda or @Cathya are you able to confirm.


Thanks for looping me in @Jason_Woods, you are correct for tasks there is an audit log for all changes but this is not the same case for comments.

The only visual queue for knowing when comments are edited is the (edited) tag that appears after the name of the person who posted the comment. If there were changes made these wouldn’t be logged, unfortunately.

Hope this helps! @Felipe_Marquez



You can vote for the feature here.


Thanks all for the quick support, all comments where very valuable.
My best!


Thanks. As usual ASANA doesn’t listen its users.

I also feel strongly about this one.

However, consider that the community made it clear they wanted comment editing and Asana gave it to them. So I suspect they are listening. But with everything else they have going on, I suspect this one doesn’t crack their top 25. The number of people supporting this in the community is pretty low. Which is too bad, because I categorize this as a data loss issue.

In the mean time when I see another user wondering about their lost data, I’ll direct them to your product feedback.

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I asked (suggested) a lot of UX features for “search”, for the “team” column, …

I was a programmer: those features need really a few time to be implemented.