Is there any way to view messages that the sender has deleted?

My team has moved into using Asana exclusively for communicating with clients. Our concern is encountering a situation where a client sends a message to us with important or sensitive information, and then later deletes it, which from what I can tell then makes it inaccessible to the original recipients. Is there any way around this?

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For sharing passwords maybe you want to consider using a password manager?

How to deal with external client I have also written a post about this topic here.

It really depends on your set up as well and how they share it (if via a task or Asana messaging)

As Paul explained here you could set up a process that duplicates tasks and pulls info into a hidden project for you maybe as a backup.

Allowing to see comment edits is not possible atm, but you might want to upvote here: Allow to see and keep track of comments edits

Does that help?

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