No way to see messages received from an individual

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I cannot see the history of messages received from individuals (not to a team or on a project) as was previously available in search or saved searches. It is also not available as described on Asana Guide (see screenshot).

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Browser version: Chrome Version 102.0.5005.115

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Hello @Paula_Holsberry,

in the inbox here it seems to show:

Also have you checked the troubleshooting steps already to see if that helps solving the section in the reports to show again?

@Andrea_Mayer thank you for your response. I realize I did not explain well. Sorry about that.

I am looking for a way to see messages I’ve received (not sent as I said in my original question).

I also checked your link to troubleshooting, but my issue does not involve the things listed on that page (connectivity).

In previous versions, I’ve had the Messages I’ve received option in the “saved searches” section on the left sidebar.
Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 7.20.32 PM


Could you edit your initial post to accurately reflect what you’re asking? I was able to change the title only.

I can’t replicate your problem; Messages I’ve sent is in the search box menu and Saved searches in sidebar.

Maybe report to to try to resolve (and reply here so we can all learn what happened).




I can confirm the 2 Messages entries are not in the search box on my end, and it used to be.


Hm interesting that it shows for some but not all anymore. Maybe some sort of split test or idk.
@Rebecca_McGrath do you have more info perhaps?

Changed! Thanks for the reminder @lpb

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Hi @Paula_Holsberry, thanks for looping me in @Andrea_Mayer!

This has surprised me as I wasn’t aware of any testing and after doing some digging, I couldn’t seem to find an answer for this.

I suggest reaching out to the Support team so they have a look into this further for you and confirm if your profile is part of a test group!


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Update from Support:

After several days of trying to figure this out, support offered this workaround option that works for what I needed.

  1. Create an Advanced Search report and enter your email as a collaborator.
  2. At the top of the page, it will default to “Tasks” but you will need to click on “Messages.”
  3. Save your search and name it (Paula’s Messages)
  4. This will appear in your saved searches on the left sidebar.

I’m still not sure why this Asana login lost all access to the native ability to see this when it is intact in my other Asana account. But this works for me for now.


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