Allow to see and keep track of comments edits

I would also like to see this. When a comment is deleted it isn’t logged and it isn’t recoverable.

Yes, deleting comments can be convenient at times, but the way it has been implemented could lead to lost data, intentional or unintentional. Without it being logged, it could lead to a lack of awareness or confusion as to what happened.

An organization’s data integrity shouldn’t be at risk from one drunken or disgruntled member.


Thank you Marie!

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I agree with Vince. The whole idea with a work task management software like Asana iis to have multiple users. Therefore, an organization’s data integrity should be of high priority. There are several issues with Asana that to me indicate this is not the case. Here is a short, non-complete list of some things:

  1. Why have an “audit trail” if you can delete items from it?
  2. Why is there no way of customizing user privileges (more than a very rudimentary implementation)? An administrator/project manager role is normally to control things. There is no such control in Asana. All internal users are allowed to change almost everything.
  3. It is possible to delete a task WITHOUT anybody else getting a notification, not even the person who created the task or the main responsible. This is even worse than non-recovery of comments.

With this said, Asana team, please consider threads like these a sign that you need to prioritize data integrity.


Another request +1 for this level of control

I’m here to say I deleted a comment by accident and want a way to find it.

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Upvoted. I think this is very important as editing or deleting a comment is a sensitive action.

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Stumbled completely by accident across the fact that changing the ‘Details’ on a task is then captured in ‘Show difference’. Notwithstanding the comments above about data integrity, on the face of it this looks like a basic but really effective way for a team to collaborate on a simple document without introducing attachments. Is anybody using it in that way, and if so, how successful have you found it?

Yes please,
We are trying to use Asana for Operation, not only project.
Our Finance And Accounting refuse to use Asana just because everyone can edit task description, title, comments etc… They stick to Email because they are afraid of task content and info changed without controlling.

That is why we still have to stick to our ITMS system, where every single task or Issue/Service request has a Task ID, No one can edit or change anything once they have created the task or comments. They can add new comment of course. If any changed then the system will log everything as well.

Adding a +1 to this. It would be very useful to have the ability to see the edits that have been made to comments.

Wow. This request is now nearly 3 years old and still nothing is done yet? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It is … well, let’s say “strange” that in a project management tool you could modify any comments without any chance to see the previous text… Is there any information why this should not be implemented? Is it a general decision? The description could be recovered, so it’s probably not a technical issue.