Allow Rules to add tasks to projects you're not a part of if they're open


We’re abusing the Rules functions as much as we possibly can. Automation is love!

To make life easier for our 100+ users in our Asana organization, we have rules that automatically move tasks to departments/tack teams depending on custom fields.
Those projects are always open to join, but not everyone has joined the project since they have little interest in all the tasks there.

These rules are also in all of our templates which are always used.

But, I came to realize that the rules do not work when a template is created by someone (and therefor the rules) who hasn’t joined the projects the rules point to.

I get that if the projects are set to private, but any project that is public to the organization I feel should definitely work.

The only other solution I can think of is to add 100+ users to 15+ projects and modify their notifications as to make sure the entire company doesn’t get pinged at every change not related to their work.

And I most definitely believe this is in line with what Rules are trying to do.

Happy to receive advice on optional solutions as well.

Great feedback @Adam_Gudmundsson!

I’ve escalated a task to our team as part of our Voice Of Customer program, hopefully, this is something we can implement in the future :+1:

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