Advanced data importing question regarding subtasks

Is there a way to open a Main Task and import information that will edit existing Subtasks and Sub-Subtasks?

At my place of work, I have Main Tasks assigned to me. All of those Main Tasks were created from a template that has pre-populated Subtasks with some Sub-Subtasks.

My job is to edit the name of those Subtasks and Sub-Subtasks to incorporate labor hours and part-count (this is for manufacturing). I’m hoping to find a way to import a CSV or similar data file, one “Main Task” at a time, to automatically edit those names and assign due dates.

Here’s an example of a Main Task, and how I need to be able to import a CSV file to edit it. Hopefully this copy-paste from WORD will suffice, I’m really struggling to get this bulleted list thing functioning on the forum.

Notice how there are subtasks and sub-subtasks that have pre-populated names that I need to add information to, and also assign a due date.

  • Main Task #1
    • Material Order
      • Order Plastic (34 pcs, 4 hours)—DUE DATE Jan 4th
      • Order Wood (24 pcs, 4 hours) – DUE DATE Jan 5th
    • Cut List
      • Cut Plastic (68pcs, 8 hours)—Due Date Jan 8th
      • Cut Wood (48pcs, 6 hours)— DUE DATE Jan 7th
    • Painting (48pcs, 18 hours)—DUE DATE Jan 9th
    • Packaging (59pcs, 4 hours)—DUE DATE Jan 10th

How can I make this work?

Hey @Matt5

with the csv importer you won‘t be able to update existing information. Here is a good overview that has been shared by Jerod:

So if possible maybe export all tasks in the project, then make the changes and import them after you removed the old ones. But yes if there are a lot of comments and info on the existing task this would be a problem.

I also recommend upvoting here: Import to update existing tasks

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Hmmm. This is disappointing… this is going to multiply my manual import rather significantly.

Currently I’m importing these events into Airtable, but on a much simpler level, they just get dumped onto the Airtable calendar as individual events, but moving these Calendar events into our current Asana scheme has become critical.

I’m going to look hard for a workaround

OK so I’ve looked a little closer into this and obviously what I want isn’t available (giant sad face).

Is there a way to import task that would show up in multiple projects? I can easily format my database to export the CSV file configured in any way that I want.

I am going to be importing a LOT of tasks into Asana that must show up in multiple projects. I see that it’s fairly easy to import tasks into a single project, but how can it import them and assign each task to show up in other projects as well?

Hey @Matt5
I am afraid also this is not possible yet. I recommend upvoting here: Adding tasks to multiple projects via CSV importer

A workaround would be to multi-select in list view to multi-home tasks fast.

Or setting up rules can help. Even if you need different tasks added to various projects you could control the rule to trigger based on a specific section a task is in, a specific custom field selected etc

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