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This guide on the CSV Importer has a section on how to import subtasks to a project, by adding a “Subtask of” column. However, this doesn’t create a subtask but, rather, a custom field called “Subtask of”, containing a chaotic mess of however many parent tasks you added to that column, as tags.

Is this an error in the guide or have I misunderstood something? Thanks.


Hello @antonio_f!

When you import the file, you need to make sure the “Subtask of " column in the CSV file is mapped properly to the designated type (named the same - “Subtask of”) as shown below.

You’ll want to select the “Make changes” button when previewing the import to make sure this is mapping correcting. If should if the column is named “Subtask of” and there aren’t any conflicts. Potential conflicts might be you reference a Task Name in the column that doesn’t exist OR you list a Task Name that has a row number greater than the row in which the “Subtask of” reference is being made. Hope this helps!


Thanks @LEGGO! After a bit more digging, I found [this post] from @Marie (Adding subtasks via csv - #31 by Marie), which explains it.

The reason it wasn’t automatic was because of the first conflict you mention, i.e., I’d attempted to specify the project as the parent task of my top-level tasks. Anyway, problem solved, thanks!

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