Add text wrapping option in the task list and task headers

Add text wrapping option in the task list.
One more thing: after adding a long text rewind to the beginning of the added text


+1 I’d also like to see text wrapping for ease of reading directly in list view vs having to click into each task for longer text entries


I am also looking for the same text wrapping option. Has this feature been added yet?


Make this is a thing!

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Please add a feature to allow text wrapping, particularly in task headers (or fields). This combined with the ability to make smaller column widths would put a lot more real estate on the page.


Hi @Bob7, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! As it stands, text wrapping is currently not available but I think this could be a good feature! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback. I’ll update the main thread once I have news about this feature.


Same here. Smartsheet does this. Why can’t Asana?

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Adding my vote for text wrapping! It would be so useful.

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How can text-wrap not be a thing in Asana? No wrap means wasted screen space and a lot of unnecessary scrolling. Please address soonest.


One more vote for text-wrapping in task names PLEASE-- it’d be a great addition to your platform. Would love a follow-up on this thread.



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same here

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+1 We really need task names to wrap

Yes desperately need text wrapping. My tasks that I write are sometimes very lon and having to click into each task to see the full text is clunky.

Is there a way to warp text in list view? For example, in Google Sheets, you can warp your text so it expands as long as necessary to fit your paragraph.

View in Google Sheets

View in Asana for reference

Hey @Courtney_Whiteside welcome to the Asana Community :wave:

Here is an existing feedback request: Add text wrapping option in the task list and task headers
I recommend upvoting there :slight_smile:

Also have a look here: Expand sections text in list view - #2 by Marie

Is this a feature request? This has been requested for like 2 years, seems like a super functional item and very useful for specific fields and notes over the small amount of characters

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Any update on this one? Text wrapping is such basic functionality and would really help!