Expand sections text in list view

The sections name text is cut short as field columns are added to that task list view without any apparent reason to that as the data in those columns do not interfere with the area used by that text. Could the text be kept fully visible instead? See example images below.

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Hi @Carlos_Knippschild,

This depends on how many column you’re using in your project, but also what sort of screen you’re working with. That often happens to me when I’m working from my laptop as my screen is relatively small, but very rarely when I’m working with my spare monitor.

Unfortunately if there isn’t enough space on your screen, we wont be able to show your entire title, but here are a couple of things that should help.

  • Try and keep your left sidebar close (you can quickly open/close it with the Tab+O shortcut)
  • Hide any column you may not use
  • Resize columns where possible
  • If your title is cut, hover your mouse over it to see the full title

Hope this helps!