Allow Changing of Window Sizes for Task Summary and Details


Currently the size of the Task summary pane, and if selected theTask details are fixed. Please allow for changing the width of each of these panes.

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Mark Farzan

User Experience of List View : Improve Ability to focus on relevant tasks
Increase Size of Task Pane

The Task pane should be larger than the actual list of tasks. When I have multiple windows open vertically (split view) I cannot see the task that I am focusing on, I can only see my list of tasks, asana does not scroll over depending on your browser. This is particularly frustrating and non intuitive because my task has more text than my list of tasks. Seeing the list mostly is distracting and discouraging when I have a super long list of tasks.


They have a ‘focus’ mode that would work for you I think, @Kaitie talked about it here


Using ASANA on a desktop could be improved a lot by a simple design change in the list view. Currently, when you are viewing a sub task, the screen gets split into 3 sections; the black band on the left with the project and home shortcuts, the main project tasks in the middle then the breakdown of the tasks and comments on the right.

Why does this important section, where most of the important detail is contained, only occupy 30% of the screen real estate? Can you give us the power to at least choose and enlarge this. Surely, when you are in this view, this should be the bulk of the screen, and the sections on the left should be minimised being as they are not active? What is the point in having the huge middle section doing not a lot taking up most of the screen?



It depends on what kind of user you are. Some people need the big list to have context or rapidly switch to certain tasks. Others can spend hours in one task, and then the big list is indeed not relevant.

Tip: you can make a task fullscreen by using the shortcut TAB + X.


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