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Hello, I created a template that has a new task within it. If I select this new task, it also has several sub-tasks too.
My question is - is there as my way that you can link a project to one of the sub-tasks when creating the project from a template?
Thanks. Mike

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Do you refer to setting up dependencies?

With project templates V2 a few things are not possible. Here is a great overview:

In your case if I understand correctly then point 8, 24, 28 refer to what you are looking for.
It that’s not the case it would be great if you can elaborate your case a bit further so we can assist :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks for your email.

No, it’s not about dependencies.

I use a template for my work. This generates one task on the top level and holds a set of sub-tasks within it.

Whilst Asana allows you to add a project or others projects to the top level task; it does allow projects to be added to the sub-level tasks. It is a possibility that this might be available in the future?


Ah okay so you refer to a task template and to be able to add the subtask to a project.

This feature is a bit hidden.

In the template, open the subtask and then use the keyboard combination “tab+p” and you will be able to add the subtask in the template to a project.

Can you try please?

Hello Andrea
Oooh. Thats sneaky. Tab+p. It worked perfectly. Thank you.
Perhaps others may want to know that.
Do you have any other secret shortcuts up your sleeve?
Thank you

Yeah, I know this is quite a hidden feature, to be honest.
Another one would be “tab+N” if you are inside a task.
That will add sub-sections / sub-headings

A list of keyboard shortcuts can be found here:

And in this post Bastien has shared some great features / hidden gems:

Thank you Andrea. Some great hidden gems.

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