Say Hello to Project Templates 2.0!

I don’t believe you can can copy 2.0 project templates (this came up recently in another post or slack). So you’d need to place the template in a team that aggregates members of the other teams.

Hi. Is there a way to set the template to default the assignment of dependent tasks so that they are assigned upon the completion of a preceding task (where the dependency is set up)?

@Julie_Gilpin (and @lpb),

Julie, you are exactly right: the current implementation of PT 2.0 does not include the selection shown as “2” in that screenshot in the docs. (Hopefully the docs are just a bit ahead and that will be introduced in the product.)

Currently the default behavior of a template is to be based on the project start date; if you want to change that so as to work off of the project due date, it has to be done in the way you described; that is, click on a due date of any task, then click on “After project start date”:

which leads to this screen where you can change it to “Before project due date”:

That’s an extremely non-intuitive way to make that change, so I’m assuming Asana realized it was too hard to find and they are adding the much-more-visible selection shown as “2” in that docs screenshot, but it just hasn’t quite made its way into the released product yet (as I say, I sure hope so!).


Not directly. You could do it by making a project from the template and then saving that project back as a template.

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There is not.

FYI we have this feature as one part of the Dynamic Duration workflow in our Flowsana integration (see the description for "Assign To" here).

Thanks for clarifying, @Phil_Seeman!

Maybe @Forum-team can explain the discrepancy between product and docs?


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Hi @Jack_Costigan, by default subtasks will be added as project tasks with the new Project Templates 2.0. You can create a thread in #product-feedback requesting the option to select/deselect ‘Subtasks as Project Tasks’ so other users can also add their votes and share opinions on this :slight_smile:

Hi @lpb, reading back over the comments I’m not sure of the exact discrepancy you mention here. Could you please clarify? :slight_smile:

Sorry, @Rebecca_McGrath, I meant this from Phil:

where “2” in the screenshot is referring to:



Ok, Thanks for follow up Rebecca!

@Phil_Seeman — Any word on if Project Templates 2.0 will carry over rules leveraging Integrations (e.g. Flowsana) or if they’ll be added in the Template Setup options under rules in the future?

The news is not great, from what I hear - it doesn’t seem to be something that will be happening in the foreseeable future. (But that comes with the caveat that this is an unofficial comment on my part and could be inaccurate or could change at any time.)

Does this update effect the shortcuts? Because I can’t use my tab-shortcuts in my project-templates… Help?

I finally could an article talking about the new project templates.

Templates are used in our organisation to launch quickly projects in a waterfall approach. This means a clear chronology/dependency system is in place. We have subtasks to avoid having extensive lists of tasks and to overpass the limitation of the dependency system.

The new template system is again another stone in our shoes for many reasons and I’d like to have the choice to get back in time for many reasons:

  • No timeline view : How do you want to structure dependencies if you can’t have a clear overview of your project?
  • Update subtasks : No subtasks visible in the template mode. Again how do you want to make changes if it’s not even accessible?
  • Due date setup : Following the above points, if adding a new task or updating due date, the current system makes it unreadeable. Having the calendar appearing was helping to know which day each task should go.
  • No colour choice : By default we have a grey icon. No way to choose the icon/colour upfront for the template. We have template for setup vs on-going projects with different colour scheme to identify quicker what projects is in which phase. Our Project Managers will have to manage again another small unnecessary step.

I’d like to have the choice to get back to the old system which was much more flexible.
Your new system makes our life much harder as we will have to keep a project which will be updated regularly and then exported and then used and then recoloured accordingly… The interface is sweet and good looking, but sometimes less is more. Templates as saved projects was straight-forward and meaningful for us.

I hope you can apply a quick solution to allow us to get this flexibility back!

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Thanks @lpb, I’m checking this with our Product team now and will update the thread as soon as I have an answer :slight_smile:

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Hi @Fabien_Cuntreri, thank you for this feedback.

At this time, the new Project Template format is only available to List view projects but our Product team are currently working on building this out for other views (Board, Calendar and Timeline.) This will be available in the near future and I will update this thread as soon as it is.

We have an existing feature request for setting project colours and icons here which you can add your vote to.

Regarding subtasks, you can indeed edit this from the Template Builder which you can see in the screenshot below.

I’m unsure what you mean by the current system making due dates “unreadable”. Could you please create a separate thread in the #product-feedback category for this feedback and I will follow up there? :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Following the launch of our Project Templates 2.0 in April, I’m excited to announce our team has rolled out some fast follows updates!

  • Marking templates 2.0 as favorite and seeing them in the sidebar

  • Ability to create task templates in projects templates 2.0

  • Searching for templates 2.0 using basic search bar

  • Adding Project Overview when creating a project template 2.0

  • Email notification to template owner when a template is deleted, including a recovery link

  • Project activity feed in the Overview tab now includes “project created from (template’s name)” story

  • Template Gallery updates:
    • Ability to favorite and unfavorite templates 2.0 from the Gallery
    • Ability to filter by teams in the Template Gallery
    • Ability to filter by Asana-created templates and customer templates

I hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to reach out via our #forum-en:tips category! Have a great day!


More good news, folks! It’s now possible to convert a task to a project using a project template :tada:


Just click the three dot menu and scroll down to Convert to where you’ll have the option to select Project > Use a template!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out via our #forum-en:tips category! Have a great day!


Hi everyone :wave:

I wanted to give you all an update on where we’re at with Project Templates 2.0. As you know, when we released Project Templates 2.0 in April, any new templates were created using the new format and we also gave users the option to convert all existing project templates to the new format at this time.

Beginning today through September 19, we will be migrating all Asana domains to Project Templates 2.0. This means that users will no longer be able to use project templates in the old format.

What will this look like for you?

  • Users will receive a pop up notifying them of this upcoming change. Template owners will receive a more detailed pop up with the opportunity to convert to the new format now instead of waiting for the migration.
  • Once migrated to Project Templates 2.0, any previous templates in the old format will be archived and a new template created with the new format.
  • Any previous templates that were favourited and added to the sidebar will be replaced with the new templates.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the migration - I’m happy to help. :slight_smile: