Set icon and color in project template

No matter what icon or color I choose for my base project, when I convert it to a template the color defaults to light gray and the icon defaults to the last icon in the list. I can’t find any way to change this in the template, please help!


Usually when Asana releases new features they are MVPs (minimum viable products) and then over time, they add in new functionality. Several advantages to this type of software release. Some process with the Home screen, Forms, Dashboard, and Goals to name some recently.

The short term disadvantage is the possible loss of some functionality.

So with your concern, you need to add those after a project is instantiated from the template. For now at least.

Over the next couple months you should see new functionality rolled out.


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Changing the color/icon on the template directly is a quick fix which was existing before. It’s a proper time-saver if you want to stay structured in your projects.
Please fix this asap to make our life a little bit easier!


Yes, bring back the color option.; We need it for our organization!!!