Say Hello to Project Templates 2.0!

Yeah I was working on a “company wide” template that everyone would use when creating a project. We needed to standardize custom fields to start pulling more macro data…This “attached to Teams” kinda sets us back a few steps, our teams are messy

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Hi @Rebecca_McGrath is the “remove from templates” feature still an option with this new template 2.0? I am unable to locate that. Would we just need to delete the entire template or start over if we don’t want it as a template anymore?Thanks!

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It is not an option any more. Having said that, I think you could accomplish essentially the same thing by creating a new project from the template and then deleting the template.


Thank you @Phil_Seeman! I was just getting myself confused. I thought in the past once when I created a template from an original project, the original project did not stay intact because it became a template but it looks like that is not the case at this time. I created a project template from an original project and I see both the template and the original project in this new feature which is great! Thanks!

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Can we set a color and an icon to the templates so it is automatically populated to the projects created from this template?


Hi @Antony_Roy, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave: It’s not possible to set the colour and icon for project templates right now, but we do have an existing feature request for this which you can vote for here: Set icon and color in project template



Is it possible to create messages within a new template? Our team uses messages as a source of truth, and it would be nice to have these messages easily accessible so we don’t have to start from scratch with each new project.

I do have a question about the format of the new template. We used to have several templates under the agency template library, but now they are not showing up. Is this something being fixed? Or maybe something I’m doing wrong, perhaps. We have several asana teams and I didn’t want the templates to live under one team and don’t show up on the overall template library. Thanks!

What is this - is it a team you have set up, or ?? (There is no overall organizational template library built into Asana.) A screenshot (or shots) might be helpful if possible. Thanks!


Hi Phil! For sure! see attached what I meant by “library”. We have a lot of new templates and when I updated them to the new style, they are no longer visible on that list. Thank you!

Never mind! I found a way! :smiley:
Thank you!

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Ah, gotcha, yes I see that’s a team where you house your templates.

Here’s what’s happening: it used to be that project templates were really just projects that were flagged as being as “template” type of project. As such, they showed up just the same as projects did in your left navigation bar.

Now, Project Templates 2.0 are a whole new type of object in Asana, and will no longer show up there. To see the templates in a team, click on the team name to go to the team’s home page, and you’ll see the templates listed there.


Got it! Panicked a little, but after a few clicks, I was able to find them the way you described. Thank you for your help!


Wonderful news, thank you! this is great!

@Rebecca_McGrath - any chance to add the option of anchoring off a “meeting/event date” instead of start/end to a future phase?

Example: We have company meetings and events with tasks that happen both before and after the “event day,” so currently it’s a challenge for the relative dates to stack accordingly when using the start/end date as an anchor. I’ve managed a workaround by creating a “start date task” that is exactly X months earlier than the event date and is also the first due date of the project. However, it’d be great to not have to figure that out as it’s sometimes a few days off.


Is there a way to copy and paste the tasks that are in a template? The previous template versions you could shift+click and select a bunch of tasks to copy them from a template and paste them in an existing project. That was the workaround since there is no way to APPLY a project template to an existing project…only starting a new project using a template.

Hi @Randi_Jefferys,

It seems there is no Ctrl/Cmd-click or Shift-click capability in the new PT 2.0, at least not at present. I found no ability to select multiple tasks, which means not only no copy-paste but also no way to call up the multi-task toolbar like you can in a regular project, to perform the same update on multiple tasks.

I truly hope (and I suspect) that will change in the future and that capability will be added.

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Hi there. Is there any way to organize the templates on the Teams Page? My team has 80+ templates that we currently have organized in portfolios. The new section on the Teams Page just seems to randomly order the templates and there is no easy way to find anything without scrolling through the whole list.


Now we just need a rule to automate this @Rebecca_McGrath :slight_smile:


Is this only available for the Organization level and not workspaces? Would love to have a way to store Templates in a separate list so it’s not mixed in with regular Projects. Asana support is not able to convert us to the Organization level and doing so manually would cause extreme disruption thus preventing us from ever upgrading to the Org level.

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Hi @Liz_Krause,

It’s supported for workspaces as well.

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