Add "Jump to Section" navigation shortcut at the top of projects

I would LOVE to have a “Jump to Section” button at the top to massively improve navigation in large projects.

Use case: I have some high-level projects that have many, many milestones or tasks feeding in from other projects, organized into sections. Every time I want to see something in one of the lower sections, I have to either collapse 8-10 sections in order to get there, or I scroll, wait for load, scroll, wait for load, etc.

Solution: Have a “Jump to Section” button to allow for quick navigation in large projects.

Thank you for sharing this great feedback with us @Bry_ProjectKickstart! I’ve gone ahead and escalated it internally and as soon as I have an update I’ll make sure to keep you posted! :slight_smile:

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@Bry_ProjectKickstart and @Natalia,

I suggested this several years ago during the Asana Redesign Beta I think, using page-level tabs (which could convert to Bryan’s dropdown if too many and not enough room.

See this for a mockup and explanation, but in the context of the Task Detail pane, though it’s the same concept as what I proposed before and Bryan now proposes:

Collapsible sections lead to requests, as we’ve seen here, for remembering the state. And even if this feature were added, it doesn’t solve the problem of streamlining navigation w/o scrolling, nor the problem of having to click a lot to collapse/expand. Reasons why Asana’s own developer docs avoid that approach.



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Hi, I just came across this, searching for a way to jump to a specific section within an Asana project. At first I thought Ctrl + Shift + up/down does the job, but it turns out to move a task across sections rather than to let one navigate. Moving a task across sections can be done by specifying the destination section from within the task. As such, I suggest changing the shortcut into a navigation keystroke as a great improvement, which I believe would benefit many.

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