Make Project Sections linkable

In the list view of project, you can split the tickets up into different sections. However, the only way to navigate the sections is by scrolling. For example, if someone tells me to look at “section f” of a project. I could only get there by opening up the project and scrolling down to “section f”

It would be great if you could link directly to specific sections of a project kind of how you can link to specific sections of a google doc. I.e. someone can send me a link to “section f” and it will open up the project and auto-scroll to section f.

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Hi @Norman_Karr , welcome to the forum :wave:

Your request sounds similar to this one:

And in that thread, have a look at by @Bryan_TeamKickstart , which he describes here:

If you’re happy to, I can merge and consolidate your votes.

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