Filter Section Independently in a project

Is there a way to filter a section on a project board so that I can filter only certain tasks to view? For example I have an employee that has a Priorities section on her Project Board. We have created a custom field “company work” which is a drop down giving her 3 different companies to choose from. We want to be able to filter her one lane by showing only one company’s workload for her priority section. I know there is a filter at the project level but can we filter by section?

Hi @Chris_Anaya and thanks for reaching out!

Currently, our filtering options are only available at the project level, meaning that you can’t filter just a specific section/column. I’m moving your post to our #productfeedback so other folks can also support this request. I don’t believe we’re planning to bring this up within the next few months, but I’ll go ahead and share your feedback with our team and will keep you posted here once I have an update!