Ability to Filter Tasks by Section

With the new update where you can create and customize your own tabs in a project, it would be awesome to be able to filter tasks by section. Do we know if this is something that is on the works?


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Hi @Esteban_Giannini do you mean filter inside the project itself or using advanced search?

This is an important request and I encourage others to consider voting for this by clicking this thread’s title to scroll to the top and then clicking the purple Vote button.

I just ran into this with a client today, and it’s come up for me several times before.

Just as @Esteban_Giannini writes in the OP, it would be great to filter by section in a project. You can group by section, but you can’t filter by section currently. You can filter by all these different types of things, but not sections:

It really would be helpful, particular with the ability to now have different tabs with different filters/sorts/groupings.

My client’s use case is a project containing articles to be written and published. We wanted to create a view grouped by reporter, and filtered to only show stories in certain phases (sections are phases). We had to settle for a second-level grouping by Section within Reporter, but that presents many tasks (stories) we’re not interested in but can’t filter out.

When implementing this filter, it should be presented just like the filter for a single-select custom field is presented now:

That is, it should be possible to pick one or more sections to appear (and one or more sections not to appear by leaving them unchecked).



I want to second @lpb’s use case and add two additional use cases (that are perhaps only tangentially related to the OP…)

  1. Now that we can group by custom fields/dates in all (?) project views, I think there’s a huge opportunity to implement Larry’s suggestion and give users another powerful way to slice up their data. Of course, using no (i.e. one) sections is an option, but there are some nice UX benefits of maintaining the concept of sections.
  2. Since sections are available in bundles, it would be awesome if we could expose at least those bundled sections in universal reporting and search.
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