Jumping to components of a task

When I forward an email into Asana, the description section is often very lengthy as a result of the length of the email, signatures often become lengthy html strings, etc.

Thus, it is difficult to see other sections like Sub Tasks and Comments without scrolling down. Is there a way to easily jump to Comments or SubTasks and/or to always display them, regardless of the size of the Description box size? Or perhaps to truncate the size of the Description box displayed?

Hi @DavidWS, thanks for reaching out!

Very good question! I’d recommend you using our keyboard shortcuts to focus directly on subtasks and comments. You can use Tab-C for comments and Tab-S for subtasks. For more information about our shortcuts please have a look at this article.

i hope this helps. Have a nice day!

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Hi Emily,
Thanks for your answer. The problem with the shortcuts is that they add a new item rather than just display the section. Is there a way to jump to the section without adding an item?

Also, is there a way to collapse the Description so that the other sections are visible?

Thanks again!

@DavidWS, @Emily_Roman,

I proposed a solution for just what David is asking for a couple of times in the past; see this post and the one it links to; I’ve used this successfully in large scale enterprise app designs:


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Thanks for sharing this information @lpb! :clap: That’s a great and useful workaround!

@DavidWS do not hesitate to add your vote here: Add “Jump to Section” navigation shortcut at the top of projects

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