Add a "download all" button to tasks & conversations

If repetition is the mother of skill then I want to run away from home. This is the year for us yeah? Asana? Please!

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Looking desperately for this option!

Gonna go ahead and throw my hat in the ring here, and request this feature as well. I’ve been suign Asana to manage real estate transactions, and it would be great to be able to go to Files, and hit a shiny button called ‘Download All’ to a zip file. Thanks!

I was told by customer support that a download all feature is available for the enterprise level so the functionality is there. The issue I have is that I work on small team within a very large organization. They will not allow me to upgrade the team to enterprise nor pay for just that function. Very disappointing.

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Would also love to have this option :smiley:

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Indeed, we do social content calendar in asana and upload every files and photos inside. A single ‘Download All’ button would be very helpful.

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How is this still not a feature? Why does Asana expect its users to spread out across multiple platforms? I barely have time to maintain Asana, let alone maintain Drop Box or Sharepoint and Asana. File management (lack of folders, disorganized “Files” view, individual and clunky file download) is a major, major issue with Asana and is the #1 complaint among my team members. This feature has been requested my many people for several years now. Is Asana just not interested in keeping customers? We are desperately seeking a platform-of-all-platforms, the seamless unity for optimal workflow that combines both file management and tasking.


My guess is that it is pretty resource intensive to be able to download everything at the same time.

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If anyone wants, I built a little python script to download all the attachments.
Gist here: download_asana_attachments · GitHub


Hi there,

Your code works perfectly. Do you know how I would go about printing each task to pdf? The option is there on each task, but I cant find a function in the Asana API to refer to. Any ideas?


Hi @Ben_Tansley
I can’t say I’ve used that functionality on the website or through the APIs so can’t be of much help there. Looking at it on the website, I think the print function just goes to Chrome’s native print (as opposed to exporting as PDF) so unlikely that functionality would be in the API.
Is there a reason you wouldn’t pull the tasks into Python via the API and print from there / export to PDF? For example, I export some of my tasks to CSV and have it linked into an excel workbook which re-formats it into a dashboard via a macro.
Hope that helps,

I’d love to use this. How do I set it up and run it?

I am advocating strongly for this feature! Any update on implementation here?

Asana won’t share any update, one day you’ll wake and it will be there :champagne:

I was told a while back from Asana sales that the function to download all is available to enterprise users. However, if your organization of 2,000+ employees don’t use Asana, just your team of five, this is problematic.

This was one of the simplest features in Basecamp - we moved to Asana to STREAMLINE our processes and losing this basic functionality creates a significant time-suck. Would love to see this basic functionality included.


Seems odd that this hasn’t been put into action already. I added my vote to have this functionality.


Hi - sorry for my late response. you will need to use python to run this. If you aren’t familiar with python, it’s a little hard to explain how to use it (sorry).
If you do you python then you only need to pip install asana, insert your token and project_id (per the API documentation) and you should be good to go.
You can change the download folder too otherwise it’ll plop in a new folder call downloads.

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Bridge24 has recently released a batch download manager of files that is capable of extracting all of your Asana task-related attachments. The File Download Manager has options to structure the extracted files in convenient zip files.

I think it would be very helpful if you could go into a single task and there was an option on the drop down menu to download all files associated with that task. Additionally, same with the “files” tab of a project. If there was a drop down menu in there were you could download all files for that project to your computer.