Ability to Share Sections - Critical for Client-Only tasks

Rather than creating a new project for client-only tasks, it would be really helpful to be able to share a specific section within a project with a client (Karbon offers this feature).

For example, as part of a bookkeeper workflow:

  • The first section of the Project’s recurring monthly workflow would be used to remind clients to upload documents for the month.

  • Section two would be all of my tasks

  • Section three would be another client section regarding follow0-ups tasks

  • Section four would be all remaining tasks that I need to complete.

By allowing section-sharing, all tasks would show up for the client grouped in a section rather than as individual items.

It seems this has been a long-standing limitation of Asana and it would be really nice if they finally addressed it.

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This might be an existing feedback request thread you are interested in voting for.

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Thanks @Andrea_Mayer That thread is about linking to a section so I’m not sure if it’s the same as what I’m asking (I want to be able to share a section like I am able to share individual tasks and projects). I am honestly shocked this isn’t a feature…so strange.

Ah okay so more than a read only link, I understand.
Yeah that is not available at the moment.
Many split work up into teams + projects or portfolios.
You could also have main tasks assigned to you and subtasks to the client but yes that also means these subtasks have to be multi-homed into another project unless they only view them under their my tasks.
I mean the multi-homing can easily be automated by rules and would not create more manual work for you.

Some more great ideas / options of working with external clients are listed here.


I have been using ASANA since 2019 faithfully and my experience is that some clients can really get overwhelmed to have access to a whole board, I think it would be useful if we have the feature where a client can only see a certain section, just like @rosalynn is describing here. The client section is what they can open and maybe they see the rest of the board and tasks but can not open the tasks in the other sections, but can see when they have been moved. This would be great for a client.