Allow movement between sections in My Tasks from a task itself, similar to projects

As Project Mangers, in our organization we have found the need to create individual project boards for each practitioner so we can perform task movements (Backlog > This Week for example). We help identify the priorities as PMs.

We know that users can share their My Tasks access with other users, which allows this movement, but we have to do it IN their My Task board. This is an extra movement that could be completed from the ticket itself if the ability existed. To solve this we have created individual practitioner project boards so we can manage their work. This is obviously not designed as intended, but a must in our business.

Current Workflow:

  1. PM moves a ticket to practitioner board (each practitioner has one).
  2. PM moves to appropriate section (Backlog, This Week, Due Today, etc.) in a practitioner project board.

Requested Workflow:

  1. PM Assigns a task to a practitioner using built-in “Assign” feature
  2. If a user has access to the practitioner’s My Tasks, that user can (from the task) move to a specific section (Backlog, This Week, Due Today, etc.). The key here is “from the task”.

Additionally frequently we have 1 task that has a design element and a development element that happen simultaneously. There is no ability to assign to multiple people (hence we have created individual practitioner boards). I understand this is fundamental to Asana, but in practice it isn’t always functional.

Thanks for your consideration in these areas.

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I agree and voted (and you should vote too!).

Since one has access to the section mover in My Tasks list view with shared My Tasks, it’s incomplete to not permit that action from the Task Detail pane too, as you request.



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I missed where to vote. Do you mind sharing that link? Thank you!

Just click the title of this thread, or scroll to the top; you’ll see the purple Vote button.