Ability to have a section link within a project


Is there a way to link directly to a section within a list?

I know I can link to a list as a whole and also to a task. Linking to a task used to take me to the task and show the list next to it, with the task selected. Especially when sections were also tasks, that provided a neat way to link to sections.

(My use case is that I have some fairly big lists with lots of sections and would like to be able to link people to specific sections of that list. I don’t really want to have to restructure my project to achieve this)

I’ve looked in the UI and I can’t see this anywhere. Am I missing something obvious, or is this feature just missing since the change of sections to being separate things?


Welcome to the Forum @PeterLaw :wave:t5:and thank you for reaching out!

As you have mentioned, it is possible to get the project link as well as the task link but I it is currently not possible to get a section link.

Having said that, I can certainly see how useful this could be so I’m moving this thread to the #productfeedback feedback category to allow other users to vote for this feature to be implemented. I would suggest you to also cast your vote by clicking on the vote button next to the title. Please note I’ve also updated the title to make this thread it more discoverable!

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with! Have a great week Peter!


This is a feature that is really needed. When you share in Slack you want to sometimes be able to share a link to the section not just the project as a whole.