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One of my boards is a weekly review of the outstanding/completed tasks for that week, which I discuss with my team in a call.

I would like to be able to link the subtasks of that weekly review to all of the tasks created in different parts of the board.

How do I enable this?


Hi @anon28948688 what do you you mean by ‘link’? You can set dependencies if you want the subs to block other tasks.

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See attached. So the subtask of ‘Review January ASIN Level Analysis’ once clicked would link to the created project of ‘Review January ASIN Level Analysis’ which is in the brand management block.

You want to multi-home the subs to another project then.

Okay sure, how do I go about this? Thank you


Any update on this would be really appreciated, thanks

Hi @anon28948688,

To multihome, you can click Tab P on your desired subtask(s) and it will bring up a window with an “add to project” feature. Add the subtask(s) to your desired project. I have also included a link that talks about multihoming as well.

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Thank you Mike, but this isn’t what I meant.

So if you take a look at the screenshot I have provided, let’s say I wanted to take the project of ‘Review January ASIN Level Analysis’, and copy the project as a subtask as well in project ‘Week 6’.

So basically Week 6 would have a subtask which says Review January ASIN Level Analysis, and clicking this would redirect you to the project which is in the brand management sub-section.

I don’t think this is possible, but would be a very cool feature.


It’s not possible to cause subtask titles to link somewhere.

However, you can @mention a project (or other references) in the parent task’s Description or the subtask’s Description field to create a clickable link to that project. You could do that for each subtask. Perhaps that means you don’t need them as subtasks, just @mentions in the Description, perhaps in a bulleted list in the Description. Asana automatically converts those links to Asana objects to their text titles, kind of an automatic vanity link. They can optionally be custom vanity links too, with whatever text you want.

Hope that helps,



Very helpful indeed Larry,

Thank you so much!

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