Adding a task to a Goal

Hi, loving the updated Goals feature, which we use for our OKRs.

However, one thing I didn’t spot when I launched it with our team of 18 was that while you can create more sub-goals with due dates or link to projects / portfolios, you can’t create a task that is associated with achieving a goal.

It would be much more useful to us if a manager could assign sub tasks to subordinates that are associated with achieving a goal, rather than having to link to a whole project or a sub goal. The issue with sub goals over tasks is that they don’t show up in ‘my tasks’, so now people have to remember to look in ‘my goals’ to find them.

Can you please enable linking tasks with goals? Or am I missing something and using it in the wrong way?

Thanks, Harry

Hello @Harry_Thuillier,

Usually you would be working on a project level for all the tasks and then you can set up milestones in that project as well.
You can link projects to the goal for ease of access.
You then have the choice to update the goal manually or automatic. If automatic it can be set to update it automatically based on the completion of subgoals or based on the completion of milestones or tasks in a project

If all tasks of a project that belong to a goal would be listed under goals itself it would get very messy and you would not be having all the advantages and features that you have in an Asana project itself to organize your tasks.

In case you want to set up goals but in your project there are also tasks not relevant for achieving this goal then I recommend setting up a separate project and multihome all necessary tasks. This way only the tasks relevant to achieve your goal will be showing.

You can enable the automatic reminder


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