Connect existing Project as sub-goal

I want to know how I connect existing Projects and make them subgoals of Company Goals .

I spent a lot of time making projects with milestones and tasks for our OKRs. We then wanted to see if we should upgrade to use Goals as this feature seems better. However I’m stuck trying to move all the work I’ve already done into Goals. Do I really have to start over??

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Could you please clarify what you mean by “connect existing Projects”? Would you like to add a project as a sub-goal as opposed to creating a sub-goal?

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Hi and thanks!

Yes so… we have already created our OKRs as Projects with Key Results and Subtasks.

Now we started using Goals to get the full usage for OKRs and I’d like to connect or rename all the work we’ve done into the way Goals are set up.

However it seems I have to do everything from scratch again (from Goals and down).

Is that the case or is there a way to solve this smoother?


You do have to create the Goals and Sub-goals, but then you add the supporting work (projects/portfolios) that the work for those goals gets completed in. So you have to have projects with tasks that upon their completion you can measure their success and quantify the goal completion (or often, adjustment).

On the right-hand side near the bottom is Supporting work where you add your projects. I know you may have all your goal details in the project, and sections as sub-goals, but with a small bit of effort you can connect the work as sub-goals do not need to all be in different projects. It is based on the amount of effort over time as if you should use sections or projects.


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Thanks, I did this.

I have 2 follow up Q on this Topic is:

  1. Is there any way completed tasks kan automatically move the progression of a Goal forward
  2. What about setting a value to a Task / subgoal? ie - let’s say I have 4 tasks /subgoals or milestones … I evaluate them as being equally important to the progress of the Goal 25% each. I’d like to set this value on each and as each of these are completed they move the Goal progression accordingly (4x25% = 100%)

no, as you can’t automatically quantify a goal complete based on a task complete

Goals are not projects where the completion of tasks is the completion of the project. In a project that builds a web page you can have several tasks that by the end of the project the web page is built. The deliverables of the tasks are in direct relation to the deliverable of build web page.

Goals are not like that. A task complete is not progress towards a goal. A task complete may fail to move the goals forward or it could move the goal forward more than planned. Tasks for goals are only what we anticipate will reach the goal. We need to execute the tasks and then evaluate their output to determine if they did.

Example: (very simplified)
Goal: Increase web leads by 20%

  1. leadgen form on every page
  2. 5% discount if visitor fills out form

Now, did those two tasks meet the 20% of the goal? Dunno. You can’t complete the tasks and assume they did. Maybe they moved it by 1%, 10% or even 30%? You can’t quantify what a task does by simply marking it complete. A human needs to determine what impact those tasks being completed had on the goal.

If 30% you can stop all other tasks. If only 1% you may want to evaluate your approach. Either way, a human needs to be part of that process.

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