Ability to schedule working time for long-term tasks

Different to the deadline/start date/or time-tracking features, it would be great to be able to schedule in advance several bouts of working time for specific tasks so that management can accurately see where efforts are being placed on a daily/weekly basis leading up to deadlines.

This may take the form of a “task scheduling field” where you can input multiple dates and times separate to the overall due date of the task.

Most tasks in our work environment require some back-and-forth and a start date/due date does not capture our workflow effectively or allow our calendar/timeline views to reflect our daily demands.

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To me it sounds as if the Workload feature would be helpful in your case.

Did you consider using it already?

Maybe then it is better to split it up into various tasks.
The fields estimated time and the integrated Asana time tracking feature can help as well to get a good overview.

In case you are interested here is a feedback request thread regarding subtasks in workload.