Zoho Desk Integration

I’m working with a team that uses Zoho Desk and wants to utilize the Asana integration. Zoho Desk is new to me and I’d love to hear from the community if there is anything particularly cool or to look out for with this integration.

I want to be sure we’re using best practices and avoid simply getting notifications from two systems for the same task/project.

Hi @Claire_Crum and welcome to the forum!

I use Zoho Desk and Asana but don’t find the integration particularly useful. The main reason is that it’s essentially a “one-way” integration; that is, once you create an Asana task from a Zoho Desk ticket, while the task is linked in Zoho Desk - you can see and get to the task from the ticket’s sidebar - it doesn’t work the other way. There’s nothing in the task that indicates it came from Zoho, and no way to get back to or know what ticket it relates to. You can manually copy and paste the ticket’s URL from your browser address bar in Zoho and paste that URL into the ticket description, and create your own link that way, but that’s an extra manual step that you have to remember to do every time you create a task.

Other things I don’t like:

The sidebar widget doesn’t remember your last values, so you have to re-select the workspace, project and assignee every time.

Also, it doesn’t know anything about teams - it’d be helpful if you could select the team and then only have to select from a list of projects in that team. Currently, once you select the workspace, you get a list of all projects in the entire workspace. Although on the plus side, you can start typing the project name and filter the project list that way, so that’s pretty nice.