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I am trying to use the percentage allocation effort within Workload to capture resource capacity.

When assigning a task to someone and allocating the task at 25%, it is pulling through to Workload at 1% of the individuals overall 100% capacity.

Any ideas why this is?

How do you “allocate” 25% exactly? Through a custom field for duration for example? The task has a start and due date? Can you share a screenshot?

Please see issue above.


Can you share the capacity screen as well as a wider screenshot to see the effort you use? Thanks

Hello, thanks. Does this help?

25 points on a 100 points per week capacity, that’s 400 points per month roughly. So 25/400 that’s 6% indeed, not 1%… @Arthur_BEGOU am I missing something here? :thinking:

Oh I think I know. Your number field is a percent field so there is a chance that 25% is actually seen as “0.25”. So your weekly capacity probably needs to be “1” and not “100”. can you try?

Yes, definitely something with the zoom level.

The “capacity” looks at a number per week (when working with hours, our clients usually put something like 40 hours / week).

In your case, the zoom level is defined on “Months”, but I agree with @Bastien_Siebman, “the math doesn’t add up”.

It looks like a bug :upside_down_face:

*See the differences: *

Zoom on week

Zoom on month

Ah makes sense.

I am looking to use as a monthly capacity % across the team.

The use case is:

Each team member is allocated a % of set to a client in a given month (e.g 30% to client x, 45% to client y).

I was looking for a way where I could input that % to each task for a given client, so that it carries through to this page for an overview.

We usually track time spent in minutes or hours, and then use dashboards with donut for example to see the %.

Same as @Bastien_Siebman , I would advise a chart in the Portfolio Dashboard, or in the Reporting feature.

For example

@Arthur_BEGOU @Bastien_Siebman is there a way to use this to forecast and plan?
I am looking forward to

X Role
Y % by Project

so that I can have a view to see where each role will be occupied wrt each project and plan accordingly.

Hi @Hasan-Ijaz :wave:

Natively, “Role” (in the definition of what is available in the project overview page) is currently not available in the Reporting as a datapoint.

Please see screenshots of what is available

However, what I’m thinking of, is to create some Custom fields representing the different roles (ex: Project Manager, Marketing Manager …) at the porfolio level.
This way, for each project, you would have a value for the different roles.

Please see what I have in mind:

As often with Asana, there are probably other (maybe simpler) ways to do that.

Hope that helps :wink:

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