Percentage Allocation Capacity View

Hello I think I saw a thread about it but did not technically help. So I am trying to develop a view to show not only the capacity but also the capacity overtime where it would still show I am still working on a project but also that I will be free in the coming months if that makes sense.

Hi @John_Mont-Louis , could you be a bit more specific? Are you trying to create a view in a project or are you looking into the Workload feature within a Portfolio?

Hi yes. So I am trying to create a view within a project but its within the portfolio. But in a way yes I am looking into the workload feature within the portfolio.

Ok great. So the Workload feature should provide you the insight you are looking for but it might be a matter of setting it up correctly.

You will meed to make sure that all the tasks within the projects that are within your Portfolio have an assignee, due date and an effort level. The effort level could be as simple as task count but in order to go red when someone is over capacity (and in order to set that capacity) have a look at this article.

Your effort level could be any number-type field such as estimated time, or percentage and you could set different levels of allocation per member.

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