Workload & Capacity 3rd-party app

From the many reporting/productivity apps out there, can anyone recommend one specifically to recreate Workload numerically & allow some grouping? I need to see each person’s monthly capacity vs effort, and be able to aggregate that for the company as a whole and various subgroups (managers, etc). Our effort field is a custom field (Estimated hours).

Currently my hamhanded solution involves multiple CSV exports and a bunch of pivot tables. I grow weary of this.

@Katie_Kendle did you ever find a solution for this? I’m in the same boat. I’ve been testing out velocity’s free trial. But still not sure this does everything I need.

Hi @Katie_Kendle I didn’t see this earlier.

Portfolio Workload does not work for you?

@SamiLinnanvuo I was about to try Screenful, but then realized that the trial version only accepts 10 projects, correct? I need to see all my company’s work, which currently includes almost 200 projects.

@Getz_Pro Portfolio Workload is helpful in many ways, however it doesn’t show a comparison between a person’s available capacity and their assigned work (we like to see this in a percentage). I also can’t see it for the company as a whole.

@Chelsea_C right now I am trying to learn how to use API to pull data into Google Sheets (prayers needed). I will totally post back here if I find something that works

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@Katie_Kendle Awesome let me know if you find anything useful.
Right now for me to see the percentages I basically pull data from a search query and then paste it into google sheets where I have it set up with a formula to show me Capacity% and hours left to be at capacity per month. If I can set up the API this might b quicker. I’ll look into it as well.


You sure can:


Also, projects can set in many portfolios at one time, so if you want a corporate rollup, just add all project to a Workload portfolio.

I also have clients create a PTO project where each task is the employees time off with date range in the due date.

Granted, these do not show %, but that might be some feedback you give.

daily capacity

@Getz_Pro No, Workload doesn’t give you a total for the whole company.

We do have all our projects in a single portfolio so we can see everything. But in this example, I can see the hours each individual is working in April, but a) I can’t see a total of those hours for the whole company unless I manually add up that column, and b) I can’t compare the hours assigned to how much time a person might have left, and c) I can’t compare hours assigned at the company level to time available at the company level.

I’m doing exactly what @Chelsea_C is doing. But since we have a lot of work, and CSV exports are truncated at 2000, it’s a time-consuming, tedious, and overall lame-o process.

Workload is more workload pressure. It is used for planning bandwidth and availability, not tracking total hours worked. Everhour, Harvest, or Toggl would give you that data.

I do see where this would be helpful so you might want to add to Product Feedback - Asana Community Forum

There is a workaround that I can think of.

Have a Rule in everyone’s My Tasks whereby when a task is added to their My Task, multi-home it with another project by their name. In that project, have a Custom Field for Hours. When viewing in List view, it will add the hours up.

In that Employee Project, you may have Rules that moves the tasks to different sections based on due date so you can at least see their hours for this week, next week, ect.

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@Getz_Pro Thanks for the reply! Your workaround is a very interesting idea – I’m taking a look at using multi-homing to get projects as you suggested, on which I could then perhaps use the Reporting feature.