How to assess workload of a single employee?

I recently built a project portfolio and love the workload tab of a portfolio. However, I realize it doesn’t reflect the full workload and capacity of a given employee, as they likely have tasks related to projects outside of a defined portfolio. Is there a way to assess workload of an employee, across all of their Asana tasks/touchpoints?

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Hi @Megan_Wilson

1) Universal Workload [Enterprise only]
If you have the chance to have an Enterprise account, you will find happiness with the new feature Universal Workload.

2) Using Portfolio Workload
As a (very) manual workaround, you could do an advanced search, and search for all tasks where your employee is assigned to.

And look at all the projects of the column Projects

And add all those projects manually to a dedicated Portfolio (to ultimately look at the Portfolio Workload).

(Tips) You can sort your advanced search by project (it will create one section per project)

Proactively, you can make sure all projects are always added to a certain portfolio via the template (at the condition, everyone is always using certain templates to create projects).

3) Using Reports

Less fancy than the Portfolio Workload view, Reports are still a great way to look at workload

Hope that could help :slight_smile:

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