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we are a small company (12 people) using Asana Business. I started using Asana some months ago and slowly introduced it for our project.s Recently I wanted to see the workload for a single employee and wi am completely surprised it requires “enterprise” to use universal workload feature.
I can have GANTT charts, but not see the load for a single employee across all projects easily?
I really do not understand the reason behind this, but maybe I am overlooking a simple feature I can use in Asana business to see the workload for a single resource.
Any help or hint is appreciated.

Hi @Raoul_van_Bergen ,

Since you are on the Business tier, you could create a Portfolio with ALL your projects that have an assignee, due date and effort level (eg. Estimated time). That will essentially create a Universal Workload for you.

You could also ‘automate’ all newly created projects from templates to be added to this Portfolio (as well as other portfolios) via the Project Template’s settings (within the template editor, step 3, scroll to the bottom).

IMO, it is highly unlikely Asana will ever provide an Enterprise feature to a lower tier.

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