Don't divide workload percentage by days allocated

Essentially in portfolio view, when using a custom percentage field as a measure of effort, that percentage shouldn’t be divided across duration of project. Aka if you’re 100% dedicated to a task, your daily total should be be 100% whether the task is 1 day or 5 days. Right now if you’re 100% allocated on a task for 5 days, the portfolio view says you’re only allocated 20% per day.


Not sure if this helps you since it’s a little different… we don’t use a percentage. We have an Hours Estimate number field. For every task, we enter the amount of hours planned to work on a task. If it’s assigned a due date, it allocates all of those hours against the date due. If it’s assigned a date range, it equally distributes the hours across the date range given, not the duration of the project. Then, under the Capacity, we list how many hours per person indicates 100% capacity.

That way, assuming 8 hour days and 40 hours weekly capacity…

  • If I’m assigned a task to work on all week (date range) that will take a total of 20 hours, it will fill me at 50% capacity all week.
  • If I’m assigned a task to work on all week (date range) that will take a total of 60 hours, I’ll show 50% over capacity.
  • If I’m assigned a task with just a due date of Friday, I will show a big spike of over capacity by 32 hours on Friday.

So, in your example, to show 100% allocation across 5 days on one task, that task would have a due date of a date range of 5 days, and the Hours Estimate field would be set to 40 hours to max me out. Any other tasks assigned to me during that same 5 days would push me over capacity.

I’ll be curious to see what others say, though, since I’ve never tried it with a percentage field.

Hi @anon95196873, thanks for providing this feedback!

While this feature isn’t available right now, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:


I’m at Google and our teams are trying to track by % allocation and it doesn’t seem possible. Would REALLY like to see this feature supported ASAP. Thanks!


Seems like a very simple math tweak in the code.

Just +1 to this, working at Meta and we’d really find this feature to be valuable. Calculating %allocation is much more scalable than hours for keeping track of people’s utilization.

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Hi Heather.

We’re just getting started with Asana and your post here is intriguing. When you say ‘it allocates all those hours’ or ‘it equally distributes the hours’…what is ‘it’? Does something in Asana automatically do that? If so would be willing to share your fields/customizations that do this?


Any updates on this? I want to implement Asana in my company and this is a much wanted feature.

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Any updates on this? Unfortunately, the lack of this feature is blocking our team from adopting Asana.


It seems Asana has (recently?) added a “Percent allocation” field available under “Choose from library” that works as requested. When I create a task, set the due date as a range, add an assignee, enter a percent allocation, and go to the Workload view in a portfolio that includes the project with the effort set to percent allocation, I see a constant value over the entirety of the due date range. That is, the percent is not divided over the range. I don’t know what the general availability of this is but my organization uses Asana Business.


Welcome, @Alex_Arslan, and thanks for the helpful post!

Yes, it just came out a few days ago and it’s available for Business and Enterprise plans.

Perhaps it could help some in this thread, if they can use percent instead of another type, since the behavior is only available for that type of effort allocation.


@Alex_Arslan and @lpb - i cant seem to get a way to make this work at all. we work on percentages (Full time equivalent) for our team. I have tried putting in a % allocation or just an effort of 1 and entering % as 0.2/0.4 etc. but every way i do this doesnt seem to reflect properly in asana? I have set the effort as 1 and then entered a start and end date for a task that is 0.2 but it still looks like this?


Is the custom field FTE # really a percent custom field? Try using the built-in Asana one:

Enter 75 in the cell:


Set Capacity:

Then mine looks like this:

Hope that helps,