Show workload/capacity when selecting assigned task due date

Workload has been a very helpful tool. Currently, I have to have the portfolio open with the Workload view on one screen so I know where there is available capacity for staff while assigning tasks on my other screen. It would be super helpful to get an idea of a person’s workload in the calendar that pops up when selecting the task due date. What I picture would work like this:

  1. Assign task to a person and a project (if not already)
  2. Click on the Due Date field
  3. Calendar opens up, with the numbers maybe different gradients of red to indicate how booked each day is (or with little percentages to show how much capacity they have remaining, etc.). Or a simpler option would be just that days that have no capacity are a different color or font style or something

One thing that occurs to me after posting this: I might not know the best way to use the interface for this type of thing. Normally, I’m in a meeting with a customer, adding an item to their corresponding project, assigning it to someone, then selecting a day when it should be done, but with little idea of what their workload is like for that time. Please let me know if there is already something in place I can sort of use for this!