Workload graph does not turn red despite exceeded hours

Hi all, I am a newbie, just started my trial today :slightly_smiling_face:
I started this trial mainly with the goal, to visualize weekly workload for my team.
I want the Workload graph to turn red, to visualize exceeded work hours but whatever I do, the graph does not turn red.
What am I missing / doing wrong?

This is what I have created:
1 Portfolio with 43 projects and 131 tasks.
Team: 5 members including myself.
I have created a new Effort: ‘Hrs/Week’ ; this field is added to all projects in Portfolio, and I have added only hours to tasks for which I am responsible / assigned to me.
I have set Capacity to max 40 hrs per week.
I have set my hours to 36 hrs per week.
When I go to My Tasks overview, the Effort ‘Hrs/week’ shows a total of 58 hrs for all tasks in all projects.

When I go into Portfolio and click on Workload, I expect my graph to be red, because I exceeded my maximum weekly hours.
But the graph is not red. So it does not count all hours, but creates an average for 5 working days?
I don’t really get it, so if you can shed some light on this, I would appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hi @Claudia_Mulder
Thank you for posting on the community.
Just to confirm you are using the same custom field?
Additionally depending on the start and due date of the task it will average out so if an 8 task is starting today and due tomorrow it will average out as 4 hours a day.

Hope that makes sense.

If you hover over yourself in Workload you’ll see how many hours are counted by Asana on that day/week, maybe that helps?

Thanks for your replies. I understand how the Workload graph is generated. I doubt if it is possible to visualize workload for recurring/continous (weekly) tasks. Because Workload is depending on start/end date, and therefore only applicable to projects, I don’t think it’s possible to use it for projects as well as the recurring/continously (weekly) tasks of the team, right? The latter is why I started the Asana trial… I mean, I don’t see myself editing the start/end date every week :sweat_smile:

I just ‘discovered’ the repeat option when setting expiration date. I totally overlooked that option, and I think that could be the solution for recurring tasks.

Indeed, workload DOES NOT count recurring tasks. That’s the #1 reason why I created a tool to create real recurring tasks.

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