Portfolios/Workload: How to track effort/work hours

For our team capacity planning, we successfully use the workload function under Portfolios. By adding an effort - in our case work hours - and adding capacities of the employees in hours, we can see at any time how busy the team is through our project planning.

Each team member has to work within the given target work hours that the project managers set under each task and document whether they used less or more time. This reporting currently takes place in an Excel spreadsheet.
Is it possible to show not only the target effort in Asana, but also the as-is effort? We would like to see the comparison in the workloads.

@Dennis_Behrens within Workload itself, there isn’t a way to compare the budget for tasks vs time actually spent. I would consider just setting the “as is” field for your effort in Workload and let the capacity be the aggregate target you want to see by person. Ultimately, it’s all about the rollup analysis anyways, right?

I do see value in the comparison though. It would be nice to know how often work is being performed below or above the allocated limit at a task level or an aggregate. If you are really interested in this, I would talk to @Bastien_Siebman about coding a Computed Field that does the math automatically. You could then use that value to serve as your effort in Workload. This would be more of an analysis of the budget vs an analysis of an individuals bandwidth (the core purpose of Workload). Not sure if Workload could plot negative numbers though :thinking:

You also might be able to configure a Universal Report that stacks two charts and shows the deviation of the time.


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