Generating Charts in reporting for Project management

I’m looking for help to see if Asana is capable of converting load and 40 hr. capacity into a Chart. I’m struggling with Asana charts and can’t seem to provide a higher level look at resource allocation. With charts, it seems to only show the sum of hours or tasks each. I wanna look at weekly time with 40 hrs. a week for each employee and how much capacity is left.

What I am looking for is a chart that shows on the X-axis assignees and how many hours an assignee has allocated to him for the week (LOAD). On the Y-axis, it shows 40hrs for the week. That’s all I’m looking for on a weekly basis. Please see attached snapshot of a chart I created.

Hi @Jonathan_Zalecki ,

Welcome to the forum! Depending on your plan level, you could consider workload reporting.

Alternatively, you could check out the recommendations in this thread if you want/need to remain in dashboards.