Help with Project Management Specific to Charts and Load/Capacity Planning


My company currently uses Asana on a daily bases. We just began our Enterprise subscription to help with Project Management. Its been great so far but I have been struggling with Charts and Capacity planning. To start, when it comes to workload and capacity, I can’t seem to find a chart that will show the load and capacity of my team in 40 hour weeks.

For Projects, I am trying to find the difference between Projects and Tasks. As it looks like I can’t populate a Gantt chart for my projects, only tasks.

Unfortunately, the worst part about Asana is its ability for customer support. You can only do classes and forums. No one can reach out and help with a zoom call or meeting. Which I believe would solve my issue and probably others within an hour. Is it possible on here for someone to have a zoom or google meet to help.


Hi @Jonathan_Zalecki ,

Sorry to hear you’re having some difficulty. Since you’re on an enterprise plan, you should have access to workload reporting as well as the brand-new capacity planning.

Capacity planning is done at the project level (e.g., you want to allocate 50% of someone’s time next month to project A, 30% to project B, and 20% to project C). I am finding it most useful for that broad-strokes future planning. Workload reporting, meanwhile, is done at the task level. You mention that you want to view your team’s workload in 40-hour weeks. This is possible with the universal workload reporting, but you will need to use an estimated effort field on all tasks. Asana provides one for you by default if you want (click Time My Work in the customize menu of your project(s)):

Refer to the workload article linked above for more details on how to set that up.

RE: support - are you referring to technical support (follow the steps in this post to contact their team) or some consulting/guidance on how best to use the product for your team?

If it’s the latter and you’re not getting the tools you need from the extensive academy offerings, you could reach out to your contact at Asana to ask about their personalized professional services. Alternatively, you could reach out to one of the fantastic consultants/partners that help clients get the most out of Asana. I don’t know all of them, but @lpb might be a good place to start.