Seeing # of hours each assignee is available per week

I need a way to see for each assignee hours available this week (weekly hours available - budgeted hours for tasks due this week)

Ideally all in one screen - so I can pick from the people that have time available to assign.

I created a “# hours budgeted” # based custom field and a “weekly hours available” # based custom field.

I’ve gotten all versions/ideas of what I want to work in testing - snapshots below - but that’s testing. Having trouble scaling it beyond that and coming up with the structure of what needs to happen for it to work for all assignees and across all projects, new and old (where the new custom fields are missing).

Hopefully I’m missing a really easy simple way to make it work without a lot of workarounds. (would we have to set up a filter and chart for each assignee etc.)

Some things I tried


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Hello @KarenV
Have You tried Workload functionality inside Portfolios? Maybe it will be better for your case.

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Hi @Charlie_Pilch thanks - I should have mentioned this - I know that Workload would likely offer a lot of the functionality we are looking for. Was trying to see if we could achieve something close / good enough without having to upgrade (we’re on Premium.)

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