Workflow Frequently Asked Questions

Hello everyone,

Last week Asana came to London as part of their Asanatogether World Tour :unicorn:. I attended the :zap:workflow session and networked with some very interesting people​:grin:.

The session was very informative and people asked some very good questions. I thought I would put them here for the ease of access of anyone who is having the same questions.

The questions were asked in 2 main categories: workflow basic features, workflow advanced features.

This post is about questions asked on the workflow basic features:

:one: Can I create my own trigger within rules when building a workflow?

You can build triggers from the selection that is currently available within the workflow builder. You can customise it based on the available options. If you want certain triggers to be added, please post a product feedback with the use-case

:two: Can I action my tasks from the workflow builder?

The workflow builder is like the building block of your project. Using it defines the road map of how you and your team wish to interact with your project. You wont be able to action them within, but head over to the project or to your ‘My Task’ and get your productivity flowing :white_check_mark:

:three: Can I choose how to welcome new tasks into my project?

Yes, that is one of the beautiful features of thinking about the project’s lifecycle and how you want to be notified of new tasks. You can currently welcome new tasks into your project through a form, through manual entries, through an email, or as a result from a rule triggered in other projects.

:four: Can I have the action to be more than one approval?

Yes, you can build up to 20 approvals as an action of one trigger.

:five: How will the approval appear in the project?

When you build the workflow, approvals can be created as an action that will appear as a subtask. This is designed in such manner that will allow projects that are Kannan / board based to operate smoothly i.e. the task can move from one stage / column to the next while all the details are captured in the subtasks.

Of course if you want to know more, here is the asana guide on workflow. I hope you found this post helpful.

Want to know more on the advanced features that were asked. Check out my second post : Workflow Frequently Asked Questions - Advanced Features


@Rashad_Issa it was so nice seeing you at London 🎡 - Sept 28 & 29 - Asana Together World Tour!!
Thank you so much for helping answering questions on the day and for sharing compiling them here too!