Workflow Frequently Asked Questions - Advanced Features

Yesterday I posted a series of questions that were asked about the workflow during the Asanatogether world tour.
I posted 5 questions that I consider part of the workflow basic features. Today, I continue the post with the workflow advanced features.

:one: I have a rule where an approval subtask is created when the status of the task (in a custom field) is moved to ‘Approval Needed’. If the subtask approval got rejected, can I create a rule to change the status of the task. Or to move it back to a different section?

Unfortunately, no. Currently the trigger :arrow_right: action set up in asana is top down i.e. you can have trigger to create a subtask. You cannot create a bottom up trigger.

:two: Can I create a rule to assign the task back to the requester?

I personally like this question a lot. Currently, the action you can create is to assign the task to a specified individual. You cannot assign it back to the requester. I can see the potential of this feature though. Please upvote this feature here

:three: Can I create rules to move individuals from one team in asana to another?

Triggers and actions are housed within a project and they do not exist for teams within asana. I am not quite sure of the user case for this one, but if you encounter it, then the answer is no, this is not possible.

:four: One of the nice features to have is proof reading within asana. Can I proof read a video when the production is shared with me?

Currently, proofing is available for PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF & BMP files. Videos are not part of the format (yet). You can read more about this feature in the guide here

:five: When someone leaves the organisation, do I get all the rules they created housed somewhere so I can review and assign to someone else?

This is an excellent question as well. Currently, it is not possible to do so, but it is a feature worth asking for. Please upvote the product feedback

You can view the first post here:

As always, the asana guide is a good go to source to answer many questions. You can access it here: