Why maintain Personal Projects?


Hi @Alexis
once in a while I come back to “Personal Projects” thinking about adding my private projects in Asana, too, only to notice that it lacks quite a bit of the “Organization” features (simple reordering of Projects in the sidebar, Tagging e.g.) which makes it then unusable.
If “Personal Projects” is inferior in features and you don’t want to “upgrade” it, why don’t you just “kill” it? The strategy seems quite unclear/rather confusing here.


Oh, please don’t kill Personal Projects - it keeps my life together :wink:
Personally, I’d rather have Personal Projects with reduced functionality than no Personal Projects at all.


@Hendrik I don’t use Personal Projects but I believe the purpose is so that people using Asana (who may be part of multiple organisations or workspaces) have somewhere for their personal tasks so they don’t have to put them in an organisation as a private project.

As for the lack of features, I’m only guessing, but I imagine Asana does this to keep personal task management simpler. Although I don’t know why you don’t just give people the full features and give people a choice.


Thanks for your answers.

I doubt that it is a strategic decision to e.g not be able to reorder projects in the sidebar… It would be simpler, if I did not have to assign myself all tasks (in a Workspace which I cannot share, so sooner or later I will do everything myself) to have them appear in My Tasks. (and, yes, there might be a few usecases where it is not necessary to selfassign a task - “e.g ideas” - but this is neither necessary nor simple) To me, Personal Projects feel really neglected and not thought through…

@ceturley I am sorry. Good to know that someone uses it and - no worries - I am far from being someone taking decisions at asana :slight_smile:


Hi all! I think the best answer to this question lies in a blog post. :slight_smile: This blog post explains the origin of Personal Projects and also indicates the phasing out of Personal Projects in italics at the top of the article as of November, 2016. https://blog.asana.com/2012/06/introducing-personal-projects-easy-task-sharing-for-friends-and-family/

Adding Custom Fields To Personal Projects

The italicized update states that Update: “Starting 11/01/2016, this feature will no longer be available for new Asana users.” but I just created our account two weeks ago and I have a “Personal Projects” tab. So is Asana indeed sunsetting this product?


I believe the answer is yes, but this is odd. Could be a bug. I’ll look into it and get back to you. :+1:


Hi @Crystal_Alifanow. I spoke with my product team and they told me that your account was created in February, while we fully turned off joining people to personal projects in early May. Not a bug, just a timeline issue. :slight_smile:


Oh okay. I guess I was thinking of when I “went premium”. Thanks!